Best Graphing Calculators 2021: In-Depth Buyer’s Guide

Graphing Calculator Buyers Guide

If you are a parent of a high school student, your child’s math teacher is probably requesting a mandatory unique calculator. Regardless if the math is Algebra, Geometry, or Trig, a specific calculator will be required for the student to complete the work successfully. At first, you may be confused as to which calculator is …

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Are TI Graphing Calculators Obsolete?

Texas Instruments (TI) graphing calculators are virtually unchanged over the years, leading many industry observers to wonder if they are now obsolete. Judging from their enduring popularity, however, it seems that these reliable dinosaurs are here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. A Throwback to the Pre-Digital Era The TI graphing calculator is …

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History of Graphing Calculators

It’s easy to forget, when the calculators that are sold in big-box stores across the land, blister-packed in plastic, can perform the most ferociously complex calculations — and display the results in the form of a clear, easily-read graph — that there was a time when even a calculator that could manage more than the …

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