How To Do Scientific Notation On Calculator

Numbers can sometimes be too large or too small to be expressed normally. If you’re working on a problem involving the weight of the earth or the size of an atom, writing down or entering several zeroes in a calculator is inconvenient at best. Writing scientific notation is one of the easiest ways of expressing …

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What Is A Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculator

Electronic calculators have been around for centuries, and they’ve gotten progressively better. However, the first scientific calculator was invented and released to the masses only decades ago, in 1968.  These devices are now a common sight in classrooms globally – but what exactly are they? Furthermore, how are they different from basic calculators? I’ve outlined …

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What Is A Paired T-Test

t-test, What Is A Paired T-Test, paired t-test

Comparing the means of two populations becomes easy with the help of two-sample t-tests. The results of these tests help determine if there is a big difference between the means of the samples.  Furthermore, if the test outcome reports a large difference between the means, it means that the data samples are strong, and the …

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How To Do Fractions On A Scientific Calculator

How to do fractions on scientific calculators, scientific calculator, solving fractions with calculator

While scientific calculators are designed to help solve complex engineering, physics, math, and chemistry problems, like business calculators, they display fractions as decimals by default. This means if you enter a fraction like ¾ on the calculator, the display will read 0.75. However, most scientific calculators have a feature that enables you to display fractions …

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How To Use Log On Scientific Calculator

How to us Log on Scientific calculator, scientific calculator logs

Logarithms are easy to understand. They are functions that help you determine what exponents must be multiplied into a specific number. As you move on to learn advanced math, you will need to use scientific calculators to calculate log values quickly.  These calculators are very different from basic and business calculators and come loaded with …

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What Was Used Before Calculators?

Abacus Counting Board Old Math

Humans have been counting, calculating, and charting since the beginning of time. At first they used their fingers and then such things as piles of pebbles, bundles of twigs, and simple mechanical devices like the revolutionary abacus. It is hard to imagine a time when we all didn’t have a calculator in our school bag …

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TI Graphing Calculator: Profit Margins

The TI Graphing Calculator: A dominantly stable, profitable product. In 2009 the Wall Street Journal ran an article which describes that approximately 80% of the graphing calculators sold in the USA were made by Texas Instruments (TI). By contrast, competitor Hewlett-Packard (HP) had less than a 5% stake in the graphing calculator market. The story …

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Graphing Explicit vs Implicit Equations

There has been a lot of interest in licensing meta calculator. Our company, Engaging Edu, has licensed various IP over the last few years, and, of late, our scientific/graphing calc  has been in hot demand–whether it’s from companies that want to buy it or companies that want to license it. A recurring issue in the process …

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