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What is a Graphing Calculator to do?

That Pesky Cube Root Graph I have heard from users both on our facebook page and in emails that the graphing calculator does provide the expected graph for equations like y = x^(1/3) .   The  equation y = x^(1/3) , it

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Acceptable hand held calculators …for standardized tests

So you have to take a standardized test and you want to know what calculator you can actually bring to the test. Here are some helpful links for students   Calculators for the SAT   (Pretty flexible here. Looks like they

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Graphing Calculator now draws more accurate graphs!

We pushed out an updated version of Meta Calculator to the app. This update comes with a new and improved graphing calculator that provides cleaner, more accurate graphs. The  app has an improved algorithm for rendering  ‘tricky’ graphs. By ‘tricky’

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New Features for Graphing Calculator !

Meta Calculator Online has some awesome new features coming to its graphing calculator . Polar equations Restricted domain/range control. For instance, you can set the range to  0<y< 3 if you only want to see its graph over that y interval Ability

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Why haven’t TI Graphing Calculators changed for the last 10 years?

If, like me,  you grew up using the classic Texas Instruments calculator as your primary graphing calculator, then the  title of this post might be exactly what you, yourself have wondered.  I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love the

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