Acceptable hand held calculators …for standardized tests

So you have to take a standardized test and you want to know what calculator you can actually bring to the test. Here are some helpful links for students

  1. Calculators for the SAT   (Pretty flexible here. Looks like they even take a TI-89 calculator)
  2. New York State Regents Exam (TI-84, TI-85 are indeed allowed but no Ti-89’s)
  3. AP Calculus( ab )

These lists have been pretty stable for the last several years so I don’t see them changing much any time soon.  Of course, these lists and the inability to use a cell phone calculator is also a major reason why TI has done so little to improve upon its calculators for the last 10 years.

If you want to try online calculators for practice, you can check our free comprehensive calculators.  You can choose from t-test calculator, graphing, matrix, the standard deviation to statistics, and scientific calculators. Check it here

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