Graphing Calculator Has Some Newly Added Features!

Meta Calculator Online has some awesome new features coming to its graphing calculator.

  • Polar equations
  • Restricted domain/range control. For instance, you can set the range to  0<y< 3 if you only want to see its graph over that y interval
  • Ability to store equations and other data on our server. If you register with us, you will soon be able to save several equations , matrices and/or stats lists into your ‘favorites’.

The first two features are almost done–as you can see in the picture on the right! The last one is going to take a bit longer, hopefully by January!

Also, this release will fix bugs including the fact that inequalities are not being graphed (hope you’re using the old Flash version if you run into any of these issues)

Go here for the graphing calc.

Aside from a graphing calculator, we have a t-test calculator, matrix, standard deviation, statistics, and scientific calculator. You can check it out here t-test calculator, graphing, matrix, the standard deviation to statistics, and scientific calculators. Check it here

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