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A Reliable Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculator Reliability So,  imagine that your Scientific Calculator’s    code  is just one piece of a large app that computes all the different kinds of cool things — ie, imagine it’s Meta Calculator. To your knowledge the code works great,

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Graphing Explicit vs Implicit Equations

There has been a lot of interest in licensing meta calculator. Our company, Engaging Edu , has licensed various IP over the last few years, and, of late, our scientific/graphing calc  has been in hot demand–whether it’s from companies that want to

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Graphing Calculator Server Fixed!

Ok, if you tried using our online graphing app over the last week or two, you might have unfortunately experienced  some disappointment. Basically, if you hit the ‘graph’ button, then you might have had the very anti-climactic experience of having…. absolutely nothing happen!

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