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  • Our grade calculator is the most sophisticated and comprehensive grade calculator online.
  • Also has final grade calculation feature.

Grade calculator with percentage grades, letter grades and points grade calculations:

Assignment (optional) Grade (letter) Grade (%) Weight (%)

Final grade calculator


Our online Grade Calculator is designed to help both teachers and students calculate grades easily. Using this grade calculator, you can grade any assignment, quiz, or test fast and free. For students, this free tool allows them to be aware of where they stand academically and what is required to maintain or improve their grades throughout the course of the school year. You can use the results of your grade calculation to create goals for the remaining tasks.

Our online grade calculator accepts percentage grades, letter grades, and points grades. Get an average weighted grade for all your assignments, worksheets, and tests using our online grade calculator by following the instructions below:

Type in the assignment or activity name, then enter your grades together with the weights that each will have in computing your total average.

Figure 1. Example calculation

When you click the "Calculate" button, you will see your average in the result.

Figure 2. Example result

If you want to calculate your final grade, you can use our easy online final grade calculator. Our final grade calculator will determine the mark you need on your final exam in order to achieve a particular grade.

You need the following details in order for the calculator to solve your required final grade: your current grade, your target class grade or the grade you want to achieve, and your final exam weight.

Figure 3. Example of final grade calculation

Grade calculator worksheets & handouts

We’ve listed a few grade calculator worksheets that you can download and try out for free. Have fun solving!

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