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Are TI Graphing Calculators Obsolete?

Are TI Graphing Calculators Obsolete? Texas Instruments (TI) graphing calculators are virtually unchanged over the years, leading many industry observers to wonder if they are now obsolete. Judging from their enduring popularity, however, it seems that these reliable dinosaurs are

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TI Graphing Calculator: Profit Margins

The TI Graphing Calculator: A dominantly stable, profitable product. In 2009 the Wall Street Journal ran an article which describes that approximately 80% of the graphing calculators sold in the USA were made by Texas Instruments (TI). By contrast, competitor

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History of Graphing Calculators

A History of Graphing Calculators It’s easy to forget, when the calculators that are sold in big-box stores across the land, blister-packed in plastic, can perform the most ferociously complex calculations — and display the results in the form of

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Meta Calculator’s Features

Graphing Calculator Graphs up to 7 equations finds intersections produces table of values lets you save image of graph to your computer! , customize, x-scale,y-scale, pan, zoom and more enhanced trig graphs by setting axes in terms of pi  

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A Reliable Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculator Reliability So,  imagine that your Scientific Calculator’s    code  is just one piece of a large app that computes all the different kinds of cool things — ie, imagine it’s Meta Calculator. To your knowledge the code works great,

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Graphing Explicit vs Implicit Equations

There has been a lot of interest in licensing meta calculator. Our company, Engaging Edu , has licensed various IP over the last few years, and, of late, our scientific/graphing calc  has been in hot demand–whether it’s from companies that want to

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Graphing Calculator Server Fixed!

Ok, if you tried using our online graphing app over the last week or two, you might have unfortunately experienced  some disappointment. Basically, if you hit the ‘graph’ button, then you might have had the very anti-climactic experience of having…. absolutely nothing happen!

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New Features for Graphing Calculator !

Meta Calculator Online has some awesome new features coming to its graphing calculator . Polar equations Restricted domain/range control. For instance, you can set the range to  0<y< 3 if you only want to see its graph over that y interval Ability

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What is next for Meta-Calculator?

For the Online Calculator:  There are a few different features that we might add including the creation of a user account system so you guys could save your data in the cloud and then reload it from any computer.  We’ll

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