Bug Bounty Program – Make our Calculator Better!

Our goal is to provide the best online calculator, and, to do that, obviously we want to hunt down and crush any bugs !


We decided to cancel her bug bounty program. This is because we have received an overwhelming amount of what best can be described as “spam “– a constant stream of bug reports that do not adhere to the criteria that we tried to clearly spell out below. Unfortunately, it is just not worth our time to deal with all these inappropriate bug reports.

And we want your help and are even willing to pay for it:

We are offering a $20 bug bounty for any bugs that you can find that meet the criteria below!


What are the criteria?

  1. Bugs must have to do with the calculations of the calculator itself --In other words, this does not have to do with the security of the actual website.
  2. this only applies to the scientific, statistics or matrices calculator  for our main website ( Yes, please do tell us if you think something is wrong with the graphing calculator but there ‘s too much of a gray area for that calc)
  3. rounding error/floating point error doesn’t count (If the answer should be  .5 and you get .49999999  or 5.0000001 , for instance, you didn’t find a bug but rather encountered rounding error)
    • This includes using excessively large or small numbers. Please do not use number that can’t be accurately represented in Javascript, the programming language used by the calculator.
  4. we must be able to reproduce the bug. This means you must tell us exactly what the input data was, what operation you tried, and what you think the answer should have been )
  5. you must have a valid paypal account.

That’s it. If you think you found a bug, email us!

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